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Last 1.5 years, like everyone, we also had been stuck at home due to Covid-19. Two India trips were planned - in 2020 and 2021 - and both were cancelled due to Covid. Finally, got out of home for a road trip in USA.

- 11 days
- Travelled through 7 states and reached the center or midpoint of the nation
- Drove 4100 miles or 6600 Kilo meters.. That is equal to “Kerala to Kashmir round trip distance”

Even though fully vaccinated, the fear of Covid persisted and so decided to concentrate only on outdoor activities. It has been a full exposure to nature, greenery, different kinds of landscapes - mountains, water falls, volcanic geysers, wildlife (bear, deer, elk, bison, sheep), hiking…etc..etc..

Visited the following places
- Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming
- Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota
- Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming
- Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
- Badlands National Park, South Dakota
- Shoshone Water falls, Twin Falls, Idaho
- Snake River, Idaho Falls, Idaho
- Custer State Park, South Dakota
- Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
- Salt Lake City, Utah
- Rodeo at Cody, Wyoming

Once the California border is crossed… there does not seem to exist any Covid… The only people wearing masks were Asians… We wore masks as much as we can… Now, 8 days are over after the trip.. so far no Covid symptoms to any of us…

As I had written during earlier years… during trips like this, I had to condition my body every night (massage, pain killers etc.) so as to go out the next day. But, during this trips - no massage, no pain killers.. Just regular morning exercise helped me to continue to the next day. Only reason I could think of is the “40 minute Acupressure that I have been doing everyday since 2016”
Through 7 StatesCollage of the major parks and places we visitedOur Route MapGrand Prismatic Spring  at Yellowstone National Park: Top ViewGrand Prismatic Spring: Closeup ViewGrand Prismatic Spring: Closeup of Closeup ViewThe LineCars Waiting to get to Grand Prismatic SpringGrand Prismatic Hot SpringOld Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National ParkContinental Divide at YellowStone National ParkBison in Lamar Valley, YellowStoneBison In Lamar Valley, Closeup viewMorning BreakfastBison in YellowStone National ParkBear in YellowStoneElk in Lamar Valley, YellowStone National ParkSri Rama's Squirrel at YellowStone National ParkCuster State Park, South DakotaBadlands National Park - Sheep.