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Maithry members celebrated Christmas/New Year 2010 on Saturday, January 16 2010. The day started with a catered lunch, followed by cultural program showcasing the multi-faceted talents of Maithry's young and not-so-young members. Venue was at Kings Academy, 562 N Britton Ave in Sunnyvale, California.

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"Ithentha thudangathathu.."  After heavy lunch, waiting for it to start...Here it beginsXMas & New Year SkitCandles... and it is not any product launchVery expressiveEllam oppiyedukkunna CamsMargam KaliMargam kali ammas - (Ann, Kathreen, Shosh, Sar, Ros, Thresy, Mariy, Eliy, Rachel) ammaJai Ho..Jai Ho.. Othiram kadakam, marukadakam.. aadyam valathottu pinne idathottu